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1:54 PM
Tuesday, September 07, 2004



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6:12 PM
Sunday, August 22, 2004

there r many many things dat i wish i could do.things i could do fer you.but it make any difference wld it? ur happy now,with someone else.all i can do is see from far.get any cLoser n I"LL get hurt.mayb things would b different IF i answered ur question differentLy.its all too Late now.yes? there's nothing i can do.u wouldnt know how i feeL.doubt u'd even heart aches everytime i see wit someone eLse.hearin stuff bout u n d other u just makes it worst.seein u guys together...? dun even ask man. but oh welLs...wad can i do? ur Life ur ruLes...just Like in usher's song...burn..
// u know dat its best for urseLf but u hate the thought of her being wit someone else but u know dat its over.its all been through.let it burn...let it burn... gotta let it burn....//

*feeLings dun Last forever..yes? ppl often say dat.but me feeLings fer you Last forever.. wHy? someone pLease teLl ME?*

yes tokin bout you know who. it sucks man. darn it. bLoody helL.

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9:26 PM
Saturday, August 21, 2004

wad d hel were u thinkin? why are u always out o destroy n break up da famiLy?wad the helL did i do to desreve a brother like u?do u think she deserve this? ya!! it wont make a difference cuase u WONT change.its been like freakin hell two years darn it. wake up can? u are always causin the fights between us family memebers u know? the only reason abg in aint comin home is because he doesnt wanna see ur bLoody face.n d only reason why abg shah doesnt wanna come to our house is he doesnt wanna loose his temeper at U!! dun u get it? everyone gotsta a sacrifice for u is it? everyone has to do things ur was is it? it wasnt like as thought it was mom hu owe him money ryte? its u ryte? do think mom deserve wad she got? she always has to go through SHIT just for u!!! n all u do in return is ...... create more trouble! wads dis? wad d heLL do u think ur doin? please la... change can? change fer d better la. make life more meaningfuL can? stop all ur nonsense shits la.ok. ur really TOO MUCH u know. i cant take no Longer. u suck man. god knows wad i did to haf a brother like U!! all i want is to haf my family back.just like how it used to b.yes i life there bound to be ups n downs.but stiLL??? how long more? how long more do u want us to SUFFER from UR mistakes.please.think bout wat if im in no position to say all i wanna say? do U ever listen wen i talk nicely? do u ever atleast try to? no.why? just because im freakin heLL younger than u..wat the HELL la ok..u know? everyday i get home..all tired n shit.. seeing ur face..just makes it WORSE.much much MUCH worse.mayb ur ryte.u should just go.go away n never come much for "air dicincang tiada putus" meaning fights between sibLings dun last. -btw..u WILL NEVER CHANGE!!!-

phew..wad a relief. can die can... anyhoos...the whole world sucks can?just as i thought i cld live one day without gettin all frustrated n worked up.but no....stop ignorin me.stop avoidin me.if u dun wanna talk just say.i'll cut all contact.stop givin me all this freakin hell..fae smiles n everything.cause i know.n dat just makes me feeL worse.honestly.stop hinting things.sayin stuff infront of me just like as though it wont hurt me.just stop it.seriousLy.why r there peeps like u ppl in ths worLd.get lost.go away.reaLLy.

sorry nor's gone mad.everythin is bad.argh..just as i thought i was gettin better.n some nonsense shit just has to stuck between i know d answer's so totally over you.os should i say only when ur not around.but i haf to get over u.notlike as if u'd know how i feel.yes? but oh wells...looks like i haf no probLem now yes? case closed. oh n as for u nirzham shah? fuck off n die!

ps: sorry all.i tried my best not to b vulgar in this entry .but ya.oops!

NORAA: u will MOVE on.
DUDE: i WILL NOT let history repeat itseLF.i thought i stopped dat from happenin.looks like i faiLED.its like history in the makin.
jo:thanks for all those times u stood by me.listenin to my nonsense shits n alL.yes? Love u ALWays!!!
sam fern: no worries girL.i made it through.n im sure u wiLL too!!! ok.d best thing to do now is. b there for ur sista yes?
to rest of the peeps: have fun whiLe u can ya'll!!!



"u know its best for urself but u hate d thought of *** being wit someone ELSE but u know that its's all been through..let it burn.let it burn.gotta let it burn"
it hurts me to see u wit someone eLse.but wad can i do?u love ***.and i cant change dat.wen i see just makes me feeL worse.oh tough w/o u in it.but i guess i gotsta go thru it.yes?thanks for being there.times we talked.times we had together i'll never forget.ur presense that made eveything perfect i'll visualise in my mind always.the things u say to me.memories or our frenship i'll never forget.

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9:57 PM
Thursday, August 19, 2004

heys all..heys all..hahas!! yupps..hmmm..anyways...this is entry is fer someone who doesnt bother n care bout other ppl's feelings.yes?yes.anyhoos...u suck.freakin-sensored-!
how could u do thiss to em!??? dont u have any feelings at all?? u act like as though the woprld revolves around u n dont care bout aLL!!! u can actually tell her stuff dat u know will hurt her truck loads.n u still go on wit it. n u act like as though nothing wrong is happenin?wtf is ur freakin problem???!!! and u say u hav moved ion n NEVER play wit ppl's feelngs..well guess waD? u just did...n u are hurtng em so badly...till there's no word to describe it.and not filinu up wit watever's goin on in MY life!!?? wen was da last time U did dat? did u even tell me wats new? no ryte? den? just fuck off la bitch!! go away..i seriously dont think i should wastes my time on ppl like u... just like ur nick name...ur NOT human.ur a freakin insect...aSS hole.. i dont care if u dun ever talk to me after this entry.cause fuck u bitch!!! i dont need u..u might think im harsh.insensitive n everythin...but do i care? NO!!! go away!

jo: yupps..had truck loads of fun.yes? haahs!!!shall do it again someohter time yes?
sam+: ya!!! its dat jacket...damn nice ryte? hahs!! yupps!!
noraa: heys ur not stupid.u just happen to fall for the wrond person.i certainly didnt think she wld do sometrhing like dat.really...wells..da best thing to do now is move on..yes? not easy...i know..ut must try keas..n stop doin watever dat ur doin..i know its tough loosin someone u love but still...i had to forget n still tryin..i believe u can do da same thing too..ok...olve ya loads!! anything ui can always come talk to me...hey..look at the bright side..if u loose someone..atleast u know u still haf memories???yes?

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8:50 PM
Monday, August 16, 2004

gosh....the maLay paper was mad hard ya'll.i alomost died..ciks!!how cld u set da paper so hard.argh.but anyhoos..its over now long as i know i tried my best im cool.hahas.yupps...hmmm.....todays gotsta b one of my fun days.hahas! yupps...atyed in school a lil just now after paper.den off ta novena.i tell you..i gotsta go shoopin man.saw this realLy nice brown jacket from d adidas thingy..and its one 55 bucks!!! -screams- i gotsta get bought me a bottLe...thank made me feel good.hahas.thanks ya..den wen ta united square ta meet laura..get me stuffys n off ta jo's house.hahahas.yupps.studied fer like..err...oops! i forgot how long.den cycled ta east coast.da breeze was great ya'll.yupps.played a il bbaLL n later..home..hahas!! yupps...wad an interesting day i had todae.yupps.hmmm....but i gotsta go study now.hahas.SS paper tmr.yupps...see ya'll

noraa: did ya get ur pants back?
dudeie:hey..gLAd we talked things out.yupps.just let it by.let it by... ;P

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9:59 PM
Saturday, August 14, 2004

hmmmm....hey ya'll im tired n bored.darn it!! know wad? freakin hel prelims onmondaey la!! shits! n first paper is mother fun.anyhoos..i haf nothng to say,.haah!! yupps..n i haf to get back to studyin.yupps! bye all.. -peace-

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10:23 PM
Thursday, August 12, 2004

-sigh- haiya..why? nevetr thought u'd be gone.without even sayin goodbye.dint see this coming.why?i helped.w/o askin anyhing in return.but wells..mayb i should den MAYB things would b different.but oh wells..FUCK It.FUCK u !!! freakin asshole!!! i hate u!!!! argh...just d same!!!! i wnader why?!! argh..this is so fuckin annoying..shit faces!! fuck..fuckfuckfuckfckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfu!!!! FUCK U!!!

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